An interview is not required to be admitted to most law schools. Those that do interview select who they want to interview. Even fewer schools allow applicants to request an admissions interview. Most law schools have moved away from in-person interviews and most are now conducted over Zoom. There are a handful of law schools that employ recorded video interviews. An even smaller number allow phone interviews.

Below is a list of some of the schools to which Duke students have applied that conduct interviews:

Law SchoolInterview Access
University of California, Los Angelesinvite-only
University of Chicagoinvite-only
University of Minnesotaopt-in
University of Notre Dameinvite-only
University of Texas at Austininvite-only
University of Virginiainvite-only
Washington University in St. Louisinvite-only

*cannot be admitted without an interview         **required for early decision only

Some law schools do not interview applicants for admission but will interview admitted students for scholarships or financial aid. Others may interview

waitlisted or early decision applicants. No matter which stage in the process that a law school interview occurs, the purpose of these interviews is to provide the law school with an opportunity to learn more about the applicant (or admitted student), gain insight into the level of the applicant’s (or admitted student’s) communication skills, and to allow the applicant (or admitted student) an opportunity to learn more about the law school and/or scholarship.

Click the button below for advice on how to prepare for virtual law school interviews. Even though it is written specifically for virtual interviews, some of the same principles can be applied to in-person, phone, or recorded video interviews.