Academic Advising Center

Undergraduates can draw on the Academic Advising Center's (AAC) network of advising resources and services to help you identify and pursue the academic path that is right for you, and discover the many opportunities Duke provides. Once you declare your major, primary advising responsibility moves to your major department, although advisors within the AAC remain available to work with you and provide support.

We strive to create an advising system that is inclusive, welcoming and respectful, and that contributes to all students' feelings of belonging and recognition of their whole selves at Duke.

Questions? Call us at 919-684-6217, or email questions to advising@duke.edu. We're available weekdays from 9:00 - 4:00 ET. We also offer weekly drop-in advising.

Drop-in Advising
(during the academic year)

Tuesdays        2:00-4:00
Wednesdays  10:00-12:00
Thursdays      1:00-3:00



College Advisors

As an incoming student, you are assigned a college advisor who helps you navigate your advising network, offers broad academic advice, helps with course selection, and serves as a general resource.

Major Advisors

Your major advisor will be assigned after you submit your Long Range Plan and declare your major.


Preprofessional Advising

There are many paths to graduate and professional schools in law, health and business, and even where specific course requirements exist (as in the health professions), course sequences and combinations can and should be tailored for each student. Preprofessional advisors counsel students in these areas assisting them in applying to programs and providing information on career opportunities and the requirements for advanced study.

Prehealth Advising

Our guidance and advice can help you tailor your undergraduate academics to best meet the qualifications of medical schools, dental schools, veterinary schools, and more.

Pregraduate Advising

Many Duke students continue their studies after graduation by pursuing advanced degrees in the arts and sciences.

Pre-law Advising

Advising is available to students and alumni from Trinity College and the Pratt School of Engineering who are interested in law school.

Prebusiness Advising

Students interested in careers in business, finance, and entrepreneurship or innovation have a lot of options at Duke.

Academic Deans

Every student has an assigned academic dean. Your dean will work with you throughout your four years at Duke providing support and advice about university policy and requirements, and helping with other issues such as academic planning, course withdrawals, and leaves of absence as needed. If you are experiencing academic difficulties you should see your academic dean as soon as possible.

Meet the Academic Deans
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Study Away Advisors

Global Education advisors can help you figure out study away and to prepare you for your program. There are three easy ways to access the GEO advising team - Group Info Session, Drop-in Advising, and Individual Advising Sessions.

Duke Academic Guides logo

Academic Guides

Academic Guides integrate academic coaching and whole student support into the fabric of the Duke campus residential experience. Its purpose is to listen to your concerns, support you in and out of the classroom, and connect you with any and all resources you need to thrive.

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Academic Resource Center

Academic Resource Center services support you academically during your undergraduate career at Duke. ARC's mission is to empower you by creating a collaborative environment in which you explore and cultivate skills that optimize your learning and academic experiences.