Deferral Programs

Deferral programs allow college students to apply to law school during the spring or summer of their junior or senior years but require them to defer their matriculation for at least two years after graduation from college. The application cycle for deferral programs is quite expedited and applicants will have an admission by the end of the summer during they applied. Deferral programs are ONLY for students who are committed to doing something else (e.g., working, pursuing a Master’s degree, volunteering in the Peace Corps, etc.) in between college and law school. You should NOT apply simply in an attempt to get a law school admission expedited admission decision and, if unsuccessful, apply in the subsequent fall application cycle.

 There are currently two deferral programs:

Below is a summary of important details about each program.


LEAD Program

JDP Program

Who Can Apply?

juniors and seniors

juniors only

Application Timeline

March 15th– June 15th

May 1st– July 1st

How to Apply


through Harvard’s website