Last updated: August 21, 2013

Each year a number of law schools send representatives to meet with undergraduates. These recruiters are usually admission officers and/or faculty members. While individual conferences are usually held, sometimes the format is group conferences lasting for a half hour or more. Recruiters generally describe the school and the admissions procedures, some with more candor than others. The usefulness of these visits depends entirely on the recruiter.

Appointments with individual Recruiters are made the\rough the Pre-Law Advising Office.

In many instances, these Conferences serve as interviews. The conferences are for the students to ask questions of the recruiter,  and vise versa.  In general, these visits are worthwhile if you have the time to attend them, and you should definitely schedule sessions for schools you think you might want to attend. Many students have been led to apply to law schools after talking to a good recruiter.

In alternate years the Office of Pre-Law Advising also sponsors in cooperation with other advising offices a Graduate and Professional School Day where approximately thirty law school representatives are available for conversations with students.