Welcome to Theater Studies!

Congratulations! The Duke University Department of Theater Studies is one of the few major theater programs in the United States to focus totally on undergraduates. We're thrilled to welcome you into the fold. The study of the collaborative arts that comprise Theater Studies prepares our students for a variety of careers int eh worlds of both performance and research/ scholarship.

Departmental website: https://theaterstudies.duke.edu/


If there's a professor in the Theater Studies Department that you'd like to advise you, please email or talk with that person to get their permission. Then send their written permission to the DUSA Coco Wilder, 109A Page Auditorium. If you don't have a request for a particular professor, that's fine too - we're happy to assign you an advisor. If Theater Studies is your secondary major, you are invited but not required to have a faculty advisor.

Major and Minor Requirements

You can find the current major and minor requirements on the department website.