Career Advisors

The Career Center provides opportunities for students — from first year to graduating seniors — and alumni to explore the intersection of their education, values, goals, skills and experiences in order to identify and realize their career aspirations. Among the available career services are counseling by appointment for exploring career goals and on a drop-in basis for quick career questions and resume feedback.

Directors of Undergraduate Study & Faculty

Among Duke's faculty are directors of undergraduate studies (DUSs) in every department and program. In addition to overseeing in-major advising, a department's DUS is the person to contact to learn more about a major that you are considering.

The most knowledgeable resource about a field of study at Duke is right in front of you—the faculty member leading your class. Duke faculty members are teachers committed to giving students individual attention. We encourage you to get to know Duke faculty and seek mentors. A faculty mentor can help you identify courses that are most interesting to you, engage you in conversations that will make what you’re learning more relevant to your life and help you develop and realize career goals and paths.

You can visit your professor's office hours, make an appointment with a faculty member or invite her or him for a free meal (FLUNCH). You can also engage faculty in a less formal environment through the Faculty-in-Residence and Faculty Outings programs.

Psychological Counselors

Counseling and Psychological Services offers many services to Duke students, including individual counseling/psychotherapy, consultation, couples and group counseling, assistance with referrals and more. Staff members provide confidential assessment and brief counseling/therapy for students whose concerns range from the normal challenges of everyday life to more disruptive psychological concerns to concerns about friends or family members.

Residence Hall Librarians

Your residence hall librarian is your go-to person for any questions about the Duke University Libraries in general or about research needs in particular during your first year. Each East Campus dorm (or section of a dorm) is matched with a subject librarian who works with students throughout their first year at Duke. The residence hall librarian serves as your individual point of contact for the libraries. He or she contacts you throughout the year to provide information about events of interest, new services, research databases and information tools.

Residential Staff

Duke's residence halls are part of its educational experience, and the Housing, Dining & Residential Life staff aims to maintain a residential campus that fosters community and personal growth. The resident assistant (RA) for your floor is your local resource for support and advice related to residential life and also organizes group activities for your community. Residence coordinators (RCs) are full-time staff members who manage the residence halls in their neighborhood, promoting engagement in the residential community and responding to student concerns.

Writing Tutors

The tutors at the Writing Studio, part of the Thompson Writing Program, provide guidance in improving all aspects of the writing process. The studio's expertise is particularly helpful when you want to make a strong argument in a paper or other writing assignment, one that conveys to your instructor the clarity of your position and the depth of your research. In addition, the Writing Studio provides special consulting for ESL (English as a second language) students.