After you join a major, most of your academic advising will be done by your major department. However, the advising network, including peer advisors, Directors of Academic Engagement, and other campus partners, continue to provide support through your final years at Duke. You can also choose to maintain your relationship with your college advisor, by allowing them access to your student information. You can choose this option when you complete your major declaration survey. Your college advisor is no longer responsible for making you eligible to enroll, but they can remain an important part of your advising network.

Even after you join a major, the Academic Advising Center continues to be available for quick advising questions via email,, and scheduled weekly walk in hours. The Directors of Academic Engagement are also housed in our office. If you’re still trying to figure out how to make the most of your remaining time, incorporating global and civic engagement opportunities, service learning, or research, they are an invaluable help. DAEs work with students across all four years of their academic career.