Welcome to Statistical Science!

The major in Statistical Science provides students with in-depth exposure to modern statistical reasoning and the science of statistical modeling and analysis. Majors develop the skills needed to create, analyze and utilize statistical techniques for addressing quantitative, data-based problems in the natural and social sciences, engineering, technology and biomedical sciences. Statistical Science majors are exposed to a broad range of statistical methods using tools from mathematical and computational sciences. Developing skills and expertise in problem articulation and solving, and abilities to appreciate and accommodate uncertainty in decision-making, are central goals. Graduating students are extremely well-prepared and competitive for graduate study in statistics and allied disciplines, and for early careers in business, finance, law, medicine or other fields.

Majors have the option to complete an honors thesis in their senior year. This is a year-long project that students work on under the supervision of a Duke Statistical Science faculty member. These projects can involve the analysis of complex data, the development of new methods or theory, or the extension and evaluation of existing techniques.

Our Statistical Science Majors Union (check them out on Duke Groups) sponsors many useful events such as students-only sessions about courses, panels on applying to graduate schools and workshops on writing a cover letter for industry jobs. We strongly suggest you check them out so that you're in the loop for a variety of great opportunities.

Departmental website: https://stat.duke.edu/


First and second majors are assigned their faculty advisor after declaration of the Statistical Science major. The faculty advisor is your resource for course selection, research opportunities, graduate or professional school information, etc. Once you have officially declared the major, please email Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, and you will be assigned a faculty advisor. If you have a preference for a particular advisor, please indicate this in your email. If you have questions about selecting an advisor, contact Dr. Cetinkaya-Rundel or talk with any faculty member.

Prior to the course registration period each semester, students are expected to contact their advisors to set up an appointment to discuss course selection. It is during these meetings that the major requirements will be reviewed in detail to make sure that students are on track for completion of the major. More detailed information is sent to students prior to the advising period. If you have any questions, contact Dr. Cetinkaya-Rundel.

Requirements and General Information

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