What does the Social Sciences DAE do?

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The social sciences explore the patterns of human behavior, and researchers in these disciplines study a wide array of topics from the intricacies of complex social structures to the grand mechanisms of intercultural exchange. With such a vast scope of study, the social sciences make use of several methodological approaches and analyze both qualitative and quantitative data sets. As a result, students in these fields are well prepared for careers in the public, private, and nonprofit spheres and equipped to make an impact in almost any professional arena.

Our Social Sciences DAE, Dr. Michael Domeracki, can help you explore majors, minors, and certificates, research, and experiential opportunities within the broad umbrella of social scientific inquiry. He has spent his career helping students compose competitive applications for undergraduate research, co-curricular experiences, and post-baccalaureate options like fellowships or graduate, medical, and law school. Whether in your classes, extracurricular engagement, or professional pursuits, Dr. Domeracki wants to help you identify paths that align with your interests and values.

Degree granting departments and programs: African & African American Studies; Cultural Anthropology; Economics; Education; Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies; History; International Comparative Studies; Linguistics; Political Science; Psychology & Neuroscience; Public Policy; and Sociology.

Research Programs and Other Opportunities:
Director of Academic Engagement
Michael S. Domeracki, Ph.D.
Michael S. Domeracki, Ph.D

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