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SES offers two majors and three minors. Students completing the A.B. degree in SES gain in-depth knowledge about the history, culture, languages and literature of Slavic and Eurasian world. The RUS major focuses on the rich Russian literary, linguistic, and cultural tradition. Graduating majors and minors find employment in fields including business, media, banking, the legal profession, publishing, non-governmental and government agencies. Russian and SES graduates often pursue careers in law or medicine, for which their humanities training offers a strong foundation. They may also work as cultural exchange coordinators, teachers, translators, and interpreters. Many of our graduates also enter professional programs (public policy, business, environmental studies) or such graduate studies related to the field as cultural anthropology, history, linguistics, literature, political science, and sociology.

Departmental website: https://slaviceurasian.duke.edu/


Our Director of Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Carol Apollonio, can advise you about major and minor requirements, Study Abroad programs, and courses offered in the Department. You also will find that all SES faculty will be happy to advise you about courses, research projects, and career plans related to our field.

Requirements and General Information

Learn more about major and minor requirements, and general information for new majors.