Welcome to Romance Studies!

Welcome to Romance Studies! By choosing this major, you will be doing advanced study in two departmental language/ culture sections and pairing them with international/ experiential learning experiences. Example departmental combinations include: two continental fields, for example peninsular Spanish and Italian; two fields encompassing the diversity of cultures and engagement in the "developing" and the "developed" worlds, such as Creole and French; or two fields in geographically proximate postcolonial spaces such as lusophone (Poruguese-speaking) and francophone Africa, or Spanish and Portuguese-speaking environments in South America. You have chosen an excellent portal to a variety of careers in the humanities, the economic world, government, and science, and to a lifetime of global awareness and cultural reflection.

Departmental website: https://romancestudies.duke.edu/


Once we have been notified by the Registrar's office of your declaration of the major, we will send an email letting you know which advisor has been assigned to you. This information is also available on your home page in DukeHub. Prior to each registration period, your advisor will be contacting you to set up an appointment to discuss course selection and advise you on your progression toward the major. If this is a second major for you, your first major advisor is responsible for making you eligible to enroll. Should you have questions at any point regarding the major, you can either contact your advisor or Romance Studies Program Coordinator Kim Travlos. She can review your courses to make sure you are on track for completing the major, discuss study abroad credits, or any procedural matters.

Requirements and General Information

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