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<h5>Applicants to Law School<br />&#13;
Dean Gerald Wilson<br />&#13;
The Pre-Law Advising Office<br />&#13;
04 Allen Building</h5>&#13;
<p>Please plan to attend <em><u>one</u></em> of these Application Process Workshops <em><u>AND</u></em> the Financial Aid Workshop: Location TBD</p>&#13;
<p>All workshops begin at 6 p.m.</p>&#13;
<p><strong>Items To Be Discussed Include:</strong></p>&#13;
<li>Overview of the application process; role of LSAT and GPA in admissions decisions.</li>&#13;
<li>Application Process-Options available for completing applications.</li>&#13;
<li>LSDAS-Transcripts/ study abroad transcript, senior year grades</li>&#13;
<li>Essays- (a) Personal statement (see article <a href="/prelaw/handbook-seniors/personal">"The "Private I"</a> on Duke Pre-Law Web-site (b) examples of good and bad essays, (c)academic essay, (d) diversity essay (if appropriate), (e) school specific essays.</li>&#13;
<li>Recommendations-faculty, employer or other recommenders, who to ask and not to ask what information to give them,</li>&#13;
<li>Deans Forms, College Questionnaires, reporting Disciplinary Matters</li>&#13;
<li>Deadlines-Early decision/regular applications "rolling admissions."</li>&#13;
<li>Financial Aid-Forms to be filed out- FAFSA, sources for further information about financial matters, credit issues: <em><strong>Dean Brown from Fordham Law, Financial Aid Expert</strong></em></li>&#13;
<li>Taking time off-Pros and Cons</li>&#13;
<li>Applying and Deferring</li>&#13;
<li>Joint Degree Programs (see "Book of Lists")-Reasons for, alternatives and options.</li>&#13;
<li>Visits to Law Schools- What to look for-(a) read bulletin boards, (b) note location of faculty offices, (c) when attending classes, note interplay between faculty and students and note the type of questions asked by students, (d)go into the student lounge and talk to students.</li>&#13;
<li>Visits by Recruiters- (a) how to prepare, (b) what questions to ask,(c) what questions to be prepared to answer, (d) and, yes, what to wear!</li>&#13;
<li>Services provided by Pre-Law Advising Office-know you, know the school</li>&#13;
<li>Responses to specific questions. Basic rule: One or two questions (after meeting with the Pre-Law Advisor) should be emailed questions to the Pre-Law Advisor. Twenty questions or one question that would take 20 minutes to answer should not be emailed. An appointment should be made.  A student may also come to the Pre-Law Advising office during walk-in hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 3:00-4:00 p.m. and Friday 2:00-3:00 p.m. for a 5 minute "quick question session."</li>&#13;
<li>Miscellaneous no no's: Facebook, social networks, calls to law schools.</li>&#13;
<h4>Meetings with the Pre-Law Advisor</h4>&#13;
<p>The Pre-law Advisor is available for scheduled appointments. Please fill out the <a href="/sites/default/files/prelawinfo-sheet-doc.original_0_0%25281%2529.docx" data-entity-type="file" data-entity-uuid="e8d292ac-4a46-46dd-93ed-a8acf1ed5d39">Pre-Law Information Sheet</a> and return the completed sheet via email (prelaw@duke.edu) and then you may make an initial appointment.</p>&#13;
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