Duke HPA recognizes that the ever evolving and fluid nature of COVID-19 is creating many questions for prehealth students. These are new and constantly evolving times and health programs are also adapting to circumstances, just like we are. Together, we will figure out what all this looks like moving forward. We wanted to provide one central location for students, advisors and faculty to read up to the date information and guidance from our office that is applicable for prehealth students.

Please also continue to use Duke’s Coronavirus Response website and Keep Learning website and email: keeplearning@duke.edu.

Below the COVID-19 questions are a series of commonly asked questions, segmented by key topic areas. 

COVID-19 Spring 2021

COVID-19 Fall 2020: General

COVID-19 Fall 2020: Academics & Testing

COVID-19 Fall 2020: Experiential Planning

COVID-19 Spring 2020 - Summer 2020