Students interested in careers in business, finance, and entrepreneurship or innovation have many options at Duke. You can explore the information below to learn more about resources available. Also, refer to the links on the left that discuss Business School Advising and steps you should take during your college career.

Business Career Counseling

Duke's Career Center offers extensive career counseling that will help you develop an action plan for accomplishing your business career goals. Develop a relationship with your counselor early and visit often. The business counselor in the Career Center provides excellent information for students interested in business related internships, career exploration and employment.

Explore the Business, Finance, & Consulting Career Community. Business is a part of all industries. Considering the types of problems you want to solve and the impact you want to have can help you determine the area of business that is right for you, the industry you want to work within, and the skills you need to develop.

Duke Financial Economics Center

The Duke Financial Economics Center (DFE) is a hub for both curricular and co-curricular programs and education for students interested in finance and financial markets. The DFE organizes activities throughout the year so you can learn more about the field of finance and to network with professionals in the financial markets. Regardless of your major or intended major, you can choose to participate in any or all of the various activities hosted by DFE. Join their mailing list now to be kept up-to-date on their activities!

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Duke has a wide array of academic and extracurricular programs that focus on entrepreneurship. Whether your interest is in business, law, engineering, medicine, public policy or a combination of several, there is a program to introduce you to a community of like-minded individuals and to assist in your understanding of the entrepreneurial process. Check out the Duke in Silicon Valley or Summer Internship Programs, the InCube living dorm, and more.

Markets & Management

Markets and Management is a certificate program for Duke undergraduates wanting to study business, organizations, entrepreneurship, and related issues. The program exposes you to cutting-edge research and provides opportunities to engage in real-world experiences both at home and globally. This certification prepares you for careers in business and management, banking, consulting, technology, government, the non-profit sector, and related graduate fields.

Duke Clubs

Students clubs are a great way for you to explore business careers, network, and build skills: