What does the Natural and Quantitative Sciences DAE do?

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Natural Sciences are the branches (both life science and physical science) of study that explore natural phenomena using data and other evidence from observations and experiments to understand the world. Quantitative approaches using statistical, computational, or mathematical methods are important components of understanding the natural science field.

We're currently hiring for a NQS DAE, but for now, if you're interested in learning more about majors and programs in the natural sciences,  you can use the resources and information below.

  • To learn more about your prospective natural or quantitative science major and discuss curricular paths, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies for that department. You can find contact information on the departmental website.
  • To discuss pre-health planning, contact the HPA Office.
  • For students interested in learning more about research opportunities, check out the opportunities tab of the Undergraduate Research Support Office.
  • If you would like to learn more about internships, see an advisor in the Career Center.
  • You can search for research opportunities on Muser, and look for on campus jobs, including research positions on JobX.

Departments: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Evolutionary Anthropology, Math, Physics, Psychology and Neuroscience, Statistical Science.

Research Programs and Opportunities: