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At Duke we explore music from every angle: as performers; as composers; as students of its history and its complex languages; as observers of everything that is musical in the world around us. Studying music develops our capacity for self-expression, and for collaboration. It is a communal art form, inviting us to reach beyond ourselves to connect with other musicians and with our audience.

Departmental website: https://music.duke.edu/


Students pursuing the Major or Minor in Music will be assigned an advisor (based on the list below) upon declaring their academic pathway. The Department of Music endeavors to provide a suitable match based on the student’s interests in the field, and because we are a small department, our faculty develops strong and lasting connections with with all of our student advisees. Students and advisors will meet regularly to review appropriate courses before registration, and they will spend time discussing musical pursuits beyond the four-year undergraduate experience.

In order to set up advising appointments, call or email your advisor, leaving a reasonable amount of time for confirmation and arrangement of a proper advising time. Students and their applied music instructors also enjoy frequent sessions of advising and mentoring within their weekly lessons.

Departmental Advisors for Undergraduate Music Majors and Minors
Requirements and General Information

Learn more about major and minor requirements, and general information for new majors.