Welcome to International Comparative Studies!

International Comparative Studies (ICS) is an undergraduate program focused on global and transnational studies, with a curriculum that emphasizes moving continuously between the global and the local. Students learn a variety of research methods, how to write across disciplines and translate theory into practice. The program's mission is to prepare lifelong learners who can live, work and thoughtfully engage with people and problems in a complex, diverse and interconnected world. The ICS Program has graduated over 1,700 alumni since it was founded by Duke faculty members in 1973.

Departmental website: https://internationalcomparative.duke.edu/


After we receive notice that you have declared the ICS major, you will be assigned a faculty advisor. Prior to the course registration period each semester, you should plan to meet with your advisor, either in person or through electronic means. Both first and second majors are required to meet with their ICS advisors each semester to clear them for enrollment in next semester classes.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the ICS major, the Degree Progress report you see in DukeHub may not be fully accurate. The final say about your progress and completion in the major lies with the ICS Program, so it is important to communicate with your advisor, who will update your record in ICS each semester, ensuring that you are making good progress in completing major requirements. Not only can your advisor help you in choosing your courses, they can also help you determine an intentional pathway in your studies and intellectual growth. Advisors can help you envision career possibilities as well. 

If you plan to study away from the Duke campus, you can make a telephone or video appointment with your ICS advisor once registration begins (or even before). Learn more about the process for getting study away credit approved if you wish to receive both Duke and ICS major credit for your courses abroad.

If you need guidance getting started, feel free to contact Denecia Miller, Assistant to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, or call 919-660-4397.

Requirements and General Information

Learn more about major requirements, including the curricular planning form, and general information for new majors.