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Students majoring in German develop language skills in their social and cultural contexts. This means that majors not only develop the ability to use the German language effectively in a range of settings for a variety of purposes, but also develop knowledge of the history, culture and society of German speaking peoples and their contributions to other disciplines and world events. Majors use their knowledge, skills and abilities to take advantage of dynamic personal, intellectual and professional opportunities, and find that the combination of linguistic and cultural competency and knowledge is excellent preparation for a variety of professional careers in business, government, finance, medicine, engineering, law, education and academia.

Departmental website: https://german.duke.edu


First and second majors should set up a meeting with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Kata Gellen, after declaring a major. The DUS will serve as your primary faculty advisor whether you declared German as a first or second major. The DUS will be your main resource for course selection, research opportunities, graduate or professional school information and more. Prior to the registration period each semester, you should schedule an appointment to discuss course selection and your progress through the major.

Requirements and General Information

Learn more about major and minor requirements, and general information for new majors.