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I'd like to do some research in my first year. How do I get started?
  • To discuss opportunities for humanities research, request a meeting with the DAE for the arts and humanities. For science, request to meet with the DAE for natural and quantitative sciences. For social science, request to meet with the DAE for the social sciences. Certain opportunities may require previous coursework. You can discuss this and more with a DAE.
  • Check the Undergraduate Research Support page about getting started in research.
  • Volunteer or find a work-study job as a research assistant to a professor or a research position in a laboratory (the humanities labs or a science lab, for example) for more experience. Work-study positions are sometimes posted on DukeList.
  • Enroll in a course coded R .
  • Search for opportunities on MUSER.

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I'd like to explore some out-of-the-classroom opportunities. How do I start?

Learn more about the Service-Learning program and enroll in a Service-Learning course. Schedule an appointment with a DAE after you are settled in classes.

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