Welcome to the Dance Program!

Dance integrates the creative, intellectual, physical and emotive spheres and leads one to apprehend, understand, analyze and acquire knowledge in a way unique among disciplines. Therefore, the Dance Program emphasizes a balanced integration between the creative/ performance and the historical/ theoretical aspects of dance in order to develop creative, analytic and critical ability in students; and provides a learning environment that challenges the student's intellectual, expressive, and physical capabilities. The aim of the dance major is to develop students who are sensitive and articulate physical and verbal communicators of the art of dance; who are proficient in the analysis of dance in its cultural manifestations, leading them beyond knowledge of a culture to an understanding and celebration of difference; and who are flexible, creative thinkers able to perceive, examine and evaluate different points of view.

Departmental website: https://danceprogram.duke.edu/


The DUS will assign a major advisor for all new majors. All full-time faculty are eligible to be your advisors. The DUS will try and match you with your first choice but keep in mind that they will be trying to even out the number of majors assigned to faculty members. All new major should complete an advisor request form. Students are required to set up an appointment and meet with their advisor each semester prior to registration. Requirements for the major, summer research, and project timelines and funding are discussed during these meetings.

Requirements and General Information

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