Welcome to Cultural Anthropology!

Or, what we call, Cultural Literacy for Global Times. We are delighted to have you as part of the CA community. Coursework in Cultural Anthropology provides our students with powerful tools for making sense of global politics, society, and culture in the 21st century - with a particular focus on hierarchies and inequities that structure our world. This broad training in global culture and society is an excellent foundation for a wide array of careers: from medicine and law, to public policy and NGO work. As a discipline, anthropology combines the rigor of science with the creative work of the humanities. We aim to provide you with the critical tools to make sense of global complexities and puzzles in all their diversity and richness. Because Cultural Anthropology is a small department, students are afforded numerous opportunities to get to know our faculty well in small seminar settings. Our classes focus on the specific needs of individual students and provide many opportunities for personally-crafted research projects. We are here to help you explore your global passions!

Departmental website: https://culturalanthropology.duke.edu/


The department will assign advisors to first and second majors. Students are invited to email the Department Administrator and Assistant to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Pat Bodager, if they would like to request a specific advisor. Please note that some faculty may not be available for advising due to a leave or a full roster of advisees. You are required to meet with your advisor each advising period prior to course registration. If you have additional questions about the major you can contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Harris Solomon.

Requirements and General Information

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