Welcome to Art, Art History & Visual Studies!

AAHVS is Duke's center for the study of all things visual, including the global history or art; critical interpretations of digital media; the practice of the fine arts (in both traditional and contemporary media); architectural history, theory and practice; and the study of museum theory and curatorial practice. Taken together our choice of majors offers you a comprehensive and integrated program of study designed to provide you with a broad education at the interface of the sciences and the arts. Students enrolled in our program have gone onto graduate study at top-flight institutions and into careers in an exciting variety of fields including museum and gallery curatorship, art education the advertising industry, media and publishing, law, business, architecture, and of course university professorships. On behalf of our department, we extend our warmest welcome to you and our very best wishes for the exciting journey ahead!

Departmental website: https://aahvs.duke.edu/


When students declare their major we immediately link you to an advisor in our department who will work with you throughout your career at Duke to develop a program of study geared to your specific interests while meeting your requirements for the major. For any questions you may have, you are welcome to contact our Director of Undergraduate Studies, Shambhavi Kaul, and Shelia Dillon, and our Director of Undergraduate Studies Assistant, Karen Johndro.

Requirements and General Information

Learn more about major and minor requirements, and general information for new majors.