Welcome to Asian Middle Eastern Studies!

We are truly thrilled that you have decided to major in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (AMES). We study the cities, nation states and regions of East Asia, the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent. We explore their language, cultures and politics and seek to understand these in their local manifestations and in relation to global developments and experiences. In AMES, you will develop deep linguistic and cultural understanding of the languages and cultures of Asia as well as trans-cultural competence and analytical abilities, crucial in today's world.

Departmental website: https://asianmideast.duke.edu/


Once you declare your major in Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, you will be advised by a faculty member in your field of interest. Together, you two will discuss the requirements and options within the major. You should meet with your advisor at least once per semester to discuss your progress in the major and the courses selected for subsequent terms. Your advisor will also offer advice and guidance on possible career paths. You may also contact the DUS Yunchuan Chen with any questions or concerns you have.

Requirements and General Information

Learn more about major and minor requirements, and general information for new majors.