Welcome to African & African American Studies!

AAAS is Duke's center for interdisciplinary teaching and scholarship on Africa and people of African descent around the world, namely in the Americas. We host anthropologists, humanists, political scientists, historians, sociologists, geneticists, and scholars of the performing arts and literature whose work engages the experiences of Africans and communities of the African diaspora. AAAS provides a broad liberal arts education and prepares students for the increasingly rigorous expectations of prospective employers. Our program appeals to students considering admission to graduate or professional schools, and careers in education, business, law, politics, media, international relations, arts and performance, development or humanitarian aid, global health or social work.

During the academic year, you will receive messages from the department with information about opportunities to engage with AAAS faculty, and in events and programs outside of the classroom. Again, a warm welcome to African & African American Studies; we look forward to working with you!

Departmental website: https://aaas.duke.edu/


When you declare the AAAS major, we will assign a faculty advisor to both first and second majors. If you have a preference for a specific advisor, please make this known to them. For any questions you may have, at any time, you are also invited to contact the DUSA or our Director of Undergraduate Studies, Charmaine DM Royal.

Requirements and General Information

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