All professionals, peers and faculty within your advising network can assist you with your decision. These include:

Your College Advisor: 

With knowledge of your academic interests and course history, your college advisor can be a good sounding board as you consider majors that appeal to you and evaluate which courses are helping you engage in a discipline and grow intellectually.

Peers and Peer Success Leaders: 

You can learn a lot about different majors and undergraduate programs from juniors and seniors, including the Peer Success Leaders. We also encourage you to ask current students about their experiences in their major departments.

Directors of Academic Engagement (DAE): 

DAEs can help you think through your choices when you’re considering many different majors and how you fit in extra and co-curricular activities. The disciplinary DAEs can give you a strong understanding of different departments within the Arts & Humanities, the Natural & Quantitative Sciences, and the Social Sciences.