Visual Major Declaration

How to Declare Your Major

1. In DukeHub, select Academics from the left-side menu. This is where you’ll find your Long Range Plan (LRP) and What If report.
2. Complete the Long Range Plan. You’ll answer four questions about your future plans, reflect on your choice of major, and complete a brief survey about your pre-major advising experience. Please complete the advising survey as it provides information we use to improve advising.

3. Create a What If report to determine the Trinity curriculum and major requirements you have remaining. Open the What If report and click on Create Report. In the Career Scenario section, choose Undergraduate. In the Program Scenario section, choose Trinity College for the Program, and Major for the Plan Type. Next, select your intended major from the drop down menu (this will be your primary major). If your major has a concentration, you'll see those options under Subplan (you can find out more about these on your major departments website). You only need to declare a single major but you can use the Add Scenario button to add an additional major (secondary major), minor or certificate. You can declare up to three majors/ minors/ certificates but only two can be majors.

Global Health is a co-major so you would select Secondary as the Plan Type, after first entering your primary majors.

4. Submit your What If report and then review it. Submit the report and then view it as a PDF. Identify the Trinity curriculum requirements (AOKs and MOIs) and major/ minor requirements you need to fulfill with your remaining classes. Certificate requirements aren't generally programmed into the What If, so check requirements on the program website.