Major Advisors

After declaring your major, you will be assigned an advisor in your major department. For more information on advising for a specific major, please contact the appropriate director of undergraduate studies (DUS). A department’s DUS can also answer your questions when choosing a major and help you discover and engage with mentored research opportunities in the department.

Directors of Undergraduate Study & Faculty

Among Duke's faculty are directors of undergraduate studies (DUSs) in every department and program. In addition to overseeing in-major advising, a department's DUS is the person to contact to learn more about a major that you are considering.

The most knowledgeable resource about a field of study at Duke is right in front of you—the faculty member leading your class. Duke faculty members are teachers committed to giving students individual attention. We encourage you to get to know Duke faculty and seek mentors. A faculty mentor can help you identify courses that are most interesting to you, engage you in conversations that will make what you’re learning more relevant to your life and help you develop and realize career goals and paths.

You can visit your professor's office hours, make an appointment with a faculty member or invite her or him for a free meal (FLUNCH). You can also engage faculty in a less formal environment through the Faculty-in-Residence and Faculty Outings programs.


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