Transfer Courses & Credit

  • 3-hour or 4-hour courses that you have taken on a semester basis, or 5-hour courses on a quarter basis, usually transfer to Duke if there is a department here that offers similar courses. You must have a grade of C- or better for a course to transfer. Transfer courses can be used to fulfill curriculum and major requirements at Duke.
  • No credit is given for physical education, orchestra, dance, military science or music lessons. Duke does not accept courses that have been taken online. A half-credit may be given for 2-hour academic courses taken on the semester system.
  • If you have a syllabi for your courses, let Dean Murphey know, as these may help with evaluation of your courses.
  • A normal course load at Duke is four 1.0-credit courses per semester. 34 credits are needed to graduate.
  • All students must take 17 Duke credits to graduate. If you have more than 17 courses/credits approved for transfer, all will be listed on your transcript and all can apply to curriculum and major requirements, but only 17 will count toward the 34 credits.
  • Duke accepts Advanced Placement (AP), international placement credit (IPC) and prematriculation credit (PMC; college courses you took while you were in high school), with certain restrictions. Visit the Trinity College website to learn more.
  • All first-year students are required to take Writing 101, the university writing course. If you have taken a writing-intensive course that focuses on skills and techniques of writing, including revisions, we may give you credit for Writing 101. If you have completed three or more semesters of study elsewhere, we may waive Writing 101. If you have not completed three semesters of study elsewhere and have not taken an equivalent writing course, you will be required to enroll in Writing 101 in your first year at Duke.
  • All first-year students are also required to take a seminar course. A seminar is a course that emphasizes discussion, analysis and communication among students; it is limited to an enrollment of 18 or fewer students. If you have taken a seminar course (clearly listed as a seminar in the title or course description), we may give you credit for a seminar by transfer. If you have completed three or more semesters of study elsewhere, the seminar requirement may be waived. A course that has fewer than 18 students but which is not labeled a seminar in the title or course description would not fulfill this requirement. If you are required to take a seminar, you can enroll in the fall or spring.
  • There is a foreign language requirement at Duke. Foreign language courses that you have taken at your previous institution may be given FL credit at Duke if the courses were taught entirely in the foreign language and by instructors in a foreign language department. The foreign language requirement is never waived.