Interested in Getting Started in Research at Duke?

Research can be an exciting way to engage deeply in academic areas of interest while at Duke. Across campus, faculty, staff and students pursue their intellectual curiosities through research in the arts, humanities, social sciences and STEM fields. But what are research practices and experiences a student can expect, from disciplinary field to research method? How can a student without a lot of hands-on experience get involved and when is a good time? How do students find mentors and what do researchers with impressive careers get out of mentoring young researchers?

The Directors of Academic Engagement have gathered students and faculty across Duke to answer these questions and more through this series of videos. We hope this information inspires you to make an appointment to speak with us 1:1 about your next or first steps into research at Duke!

Getting Started with Research

What is Research?

How to Approach Research

How to Get Started in Research

Finding the Right Fit

Success and Failure

Who Can Help - Advisors & Mentors

Benefits of Research