Pratt-to-Trinity Transfer

Currently enrolled Duke students can apply to transfer between the Pratt School of Engineering and Trinity College.

Applications to transfer are considered at the end of each semester, once final grades are reported. Students on academic probation will have their applications deferred until they clear probation. Deadlines and processes for applying to transfer are described below.


  • December 15 — For spring transfer
  • May 15 — For fall transfer


There are three required components of the transfer process. They are intended to be completed sequentially and are described in detail below. Completion of these three steps will take at least a week—plan ahead! Late applications will not be considered until the following semester, and applications without documented completion of Steps 1 and 2 will not be considered.

Important Notes:

  • Pratt students who transfer to Trinity after their first semester will be required to take a seminar during their second semester – this is a requirement for Trinity first-year students. If a seminar isn’t taken second semester, students will be required to complete a seminar at Duke during the summer to be eligible to return for the fall semester. Pratt students who transfer to Trinity after the second semester or beyond have the first-year seminar requirement waived. Questions about this should be directed to your academic dean.
  • Trinity students cannot declare a major until they have completed their first year and must declare before spring break of their sophomore year. All students who transfer from Pratt to Trinity will transfer as undeclared students. Students who transfer after their first year can immediately declare their major if they wish by completing their Long Range Plan and reviewing it with Jen Hoff at the Academic Advising Center.

Steps for Pratt-to-Trinity Transfer

Whether you plan to declare a major or remain undeclared (see above), you must first meet with Dean Lupita Temiquel-McMillian. Schedule an appointment by calling (919) 660-5996. During your meeting, she will review the general education requirements for Trinity, highlight the differences between the two schools and connect you to your prospective dean in Trinity College. You will work with that prospective dean to complete the What-If Report, which is Step 2 of the application process if you plan to transfer as a declared major.

Transferring as a declared major

All Trinity students complete a preliminary four-year plan (aka the What-If Report) as part of the major declaration process; similarly, prospective Trinity students are required to do the same as part of the application to transfer from Pratt. Completing the What-If Report requires you to do some preparatory work—checking out major requirements on the department/program website and possibly meeting with your prospective major’s director of undergraduate studies—to see whether you can complete your prospective major and Trinity general education requirements during your remaining time at Duke. Guide to completing the Long Range Plan.

Once you’ve completed the What-If Report, you need to schedule a meeting with your new Trinity academic dean.  Academic deans in Trinity are assigned based on your first-year residence hall.  You can get your dean assignment from Dean McMillian or by calling the Academic Advising Center at 919-684-6217. If you have any questions about completing the What-If Report, or any other elements of Step 2, please do not hesitate to contact your prospective Trinity academic dean for assistance.

Transferring as an undeclared student

Schedule a meeting with the academic dean you will have after transferring to Trinity College by calling (919) 684-6217. Inform the receptionist that you are a Pratt student interested in transferring to Trinity College as an undeclared student. Academic deans in Trinity are assigned based on your first-year residence hall.  You can get your Trinity dean assignment from Dean McMillian; if you have not, let the receptionist know your first-year residence hall and she can look up who your dean will be.  When you meet with the dean, you should discuss your interests and goals to help identify courses that would be appropriate for you to explore. Having one major in mind is certainly not necessary, but it is helpful to come as prepared as possible to this meeting in order to have a productive discussion.

Once you've completed Steps 1 and 2, complete the online application for the transfer. Click the link below and log in with your Duke NetID and password.

Complete the transfer application

All applications to transfer must be submitted online by the following deadlines (these are also listed above):

  • For spring transfer: Dec. 30
  • For fall transfer: May 15

Note: Students who are required to complete summer school as a condition of eligibility have an Aug. 15 deadline.