Academic advising for Pratt School of Engineering students is handled within Pratt, but the Academic Advising Center offers specialized advising through the disciplinary Directors of Academic Engagement to Trinity and Pratt students. Pratt students can also complete a second major or minor in a Trinity department, or transfer from Pratt to Trinity or Trinity to Pratt.

Trinity Majors and Minors

Engineering students should consult with their Pratt advisors when considering the pursuit of a second major or a minor in a Trinity department. Questions about a specific program can be directed to the department’s director of undergraduate studies.

Transferring Between Pratt and Trinity

After completing at least one semester in the college or school into which they matriculated, Trinity College and Pratt School of Engineering students may apply to transfer between the two schools. Until their transfer has been approved, students wishing to transfer between Trinity and Pratt should complete all applicable academic requirements of their original college or school.

If you are considering a Trinity/Pratt transfer, please review the deadlines and steps you need to follow.