College Advisor

Every student is assigned a dedicated college advisor. You will meet with your college advisor every semester before registration, but you can also reach out whenever you have questions about your academic pathway or want to talk through curricular issues, or opportunities. You will work with your college advisor until you declare your major sophomore year. You can find your advisor in DukeHub, under 'Academics', then 'Advisor Information'.

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Specialized Advisors

You can also schedule a meeting with a specialized advisor, who have individual expertise in the arts and humanities, global and civic opportunities, natural and quantitative sciences, and social sciences. Speciality advisors are available to discuss curricular and co-curricular opportunities.

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Drop-In and General Advising

Drop into the AAC on East Campus with quick questions or to get additional input on your academic plans. We're available for drop-in advising

Tuesdays         2:00- 4:00
Wednesdays   10:00 - 12:00
Thursdays       1:00-3:00

You can also schedule an in-person appointment with a member of our team if you have questions that require more time than a quick drop-in meeting.

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Prehealth Advisors

Trinity and Pratt undergraduate students and alumni who are interested in pursuing a health career can engage with the services of the Office of Health Professions Advising.  In the first year, we offer group advising and drop-in advising to meet your needs. Starting in the sophomore year and through applications to professional programs, we provide one on one and group advising support.

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Pratt School of Engineering Academic Deans

Engineering students at Duke have a network of advising resources anchored by their academic deans. Over your career at Duke, your advising network grows to include mentors from across campus. Taken together as an advising team, these individuals will help you discover and understand opportunities at Duke and introduce you to Duke’s intellectual community.

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