Sui Generis: Duke's Pre-Law Mentorship Program

Sui Generis is a mentoring program pairing Duke alumni who have graduated law school with Duke pre-law undergraduates. The program connects students considering law school to alumni who are interested in sharing their wisdom and experience. The goal is to give students an opportunity to learn from a real world connection what it is actually like to be a law student and a lawyer. Students enjoy insight from mentors to see new possibilities or new paths to existing goals.

For pre-law students, it is very helpful to have parents in the legal profession or who are otherwise connected to the legal profession. Many students do not have this network from family or community — students may be the first in their family to go to college, or their families may live far away. Mentorship programs help level the playing field.

In addition to providing mock interviews and other practical guidance, mentors also support students by sharing stories from their professional journey and connecting students to professionals in their networks. Alumni mentors benefit by developing meaningful relationships with students interested in law. 

To learn more about the program or to become involved, contact Program Director Mimi Lukens, JD


Mimi Lukens, J.D.
Pre-Law Mentorship Program Director

Senior Lecturing Fellow
Duke University School of Law
210 Science Drive
Durham, NC 27705

What Our Participants Say...

“These students have been fantastic! They are engaged, inquisitive, intelligent, focused, responsive, prepared, responsible, respectful and a pleasure to speak with on the phone. Each has restored my faith in the upcoming generation. I hope they have enjoyed the program as much as I have these past few months.”
- NY Litigator with BA from Duke

“I have developed a good relationship with my mentor and have met him at his office in downtown multiple times. He has definitely given me a better idea of what areas of law I might be interested in pursuing and has connected me with other individuals to speak with.”
- Trinity College Prelaw Student