Applying to Physician Assistant (PA) Schools

The application service for PA schools is CASPA (Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants).

To Do Now

  • The deadline to declare your Intent to Apply is April 1, 2024. 
  • Pay attention to CASPA's website for information that may impact the cycle.

February-April 2024

  • Gather your experiences in one place, using CASPA's directions to begin to categorize your activities. 
  • Research school programs. Create a spreadsheet of schools you will apply to, noting their deadlines, required courses, and minimum hours of health care experience. Be sure you will have all requirements fulfilled. 
  • Begin contacting who you will ask for Letters of Evaluation.
  • Draft your personal statement.
  • The CASPA application cycle opens in April. Create an account, complete the Colleges Attended and Evaluation sections.
  • Complete the GRE or MCAT.

At least 10-12 weeks prior to the first deadline

  • Ask the Duke Registrar's Office to send an official transcript.
  • Begin entering coursework into your application.
  • Confirm that your evaluators have received a request from CASPA.

At least 6-8 weeks prior to the first deadline

  • Submit and complete your application; CASPA will then verity your courses and grades and transmit data to your selected schools; schools will begin to screen applicants and send secondary applications.

Fall 2024 to Spring 2025

  • Complete secondary applications.
  • Interview.
  • Accept admission offers from fall to spring; CASPA closes in March but some applicants may be accepted off the waitlist from March to July


Applying to Veterinary Schools

The application service for veterinary schools is VMCAS (Veterinary Medical College Application Service). 



  • Gather information you will need for your application.
  • Select & ask letter writers by mid-March.  Request letters be submitted by August 1.

MAY 2024

  • VMCAS Program Materials/School pages opens in early May. Begin working on your school specific items including supplemental essays.
  • Send a final transcript to VMCAS after spring grades are posted after graduation.


  • Submit primary application to VMCAS by mid-August. VMCAS will verify your courses and grades and then release applications to veterinary schools.   


  • In September and October, complete and submit supplemental applications if not included in VMCAS primary application.
  • Interview.
  • Receive decision of acceptance, waitlist or rejection by mid-March.  See individual school websites for their interview and decision timelines.  On April 15, you can hold only one acceptance in a veterinary school.


Applying to Pharmacy Schools

The application service for Pharmacy schools is PharmCAS (Pharmacy College Application Service).

To Do Now

February - June 2024

  • Gather information you will need for your application.
  • Research schools.
  • Ask for Letters of Evaluation.
  • Work on your personal statement.
  • Complete the PCAT in January, June or July.

July 2024

  • Submit primary application to PharmCAS.
  • Send final transcript to PharmCAS after spring grades are posted. Once PharmCAS verifies your courses and grades, they will release your application to schools.

August 2024 - June 2025

  • In August, you may be invited to complete supplemental applications or obtain supplemental application on the PharmD program website.
  • Interview.
  • In December-January, complete the required Academic Update in PharmCAS.
  • Send official summer/fall transcripts to PharmCAS if appropriate.
  • Acceptances may be received from August through June. On March 1, you may hold only one acceptance in a pharmacy school on this date; offers from waitlists may be extended up to first day of classes.
  • In May-June, complete the required Academic Update in PharmCAS. Send official spring transcripts to individual schools you have been accepted to.