If you are applying to dental schools in summer 2023 for matriculation in fall 2024, then you need to begin to prepare this spring. Students applying to Texas schools through TMDSAS should be aware of differences in timelines. Please bookmark this page now and refer to it throughout the application process; this should be your first source when you have questions. If you are an alum who needs their NetID extended to view Box documents, please email prehealth@duke.edu from a non Duke email and ask for your NetID to be extended. Please review the action items and guidance below for each time period of your cycle. We encourage you to review the entire page before we start your cycle to have an idea of what to expect. Here is a brief guide:

The Application to Dental School: ADEA AADSAS

Texas Medical & Dental Schools Application Service: TMDSAS



Interview-Prepare for your interview using our resources.  Return here when you have an interview invitation to schedule Mock Interviews.  You may do one traditional and one MMI mock.   

  • Talk to your recommenders early, at least six weeks before the application opens (mid-May, 2023). To determine who should write your letters, look at the web pages for the schools you are applying to because it varies. Provide the materials your recommenders may need (resume, cover letter, draft of personal statement, outline, etc.) and let them know that they will need to upload their letters directly to AADSAS.
  • If you are requesting a committee letter you will need to email your completed Predental Essay Questions (see below) and a photograph to Dr. Keels at keels001@duke.edu no later than the end of April 2023.  Please put “Request to set up an interview” as the subject to the email. Dr. Keels will then set up an interview with you.
  • If you want a letter of recommendation from Dr. Keels instead of a committee letter please email her directly and provide a resume at keels001@duke.edu. Please put “Request for individual letter of recommendation” as the subject to the email.
  • Complete the DAT by May 2023.
  • Begin your AADSAS application when it becomes available on May 9, 2023. If you are applying to Texas state schools, also begin your Texas application (TMDSAS) when it opens around May 1.
  • If you are not asking to receive a committee letter or adding an additional individual letter of recommendation, then enter individual writers contact information.
  • If you are asking for a Committee Letter, use the following information for AADSAS/TMDSAS: 

Committee Member Names: Brittany Morhac (Primary Name)
Occupation: Advisor
Professional Title: Associate Director
Organization: Duke University Office of Health Professions Advising
Email: prehealth@duke.edu
Telephone: (919) 684-6221

  • Send Dr. Keels your AADSAS/TMDSAS number(s) for your Committee Letter. 
  • Have a transcript sent to AADSAS/TMDSAS with final spring grades.
  • Take the DAT before the first week of June.
  • Submit your AADSAS application as early as you can, so you will be considered in the first cycle. AADSAS cycle opens for submission on May 30, 2023.
  • To have the HPA Office release your committee letter: After your spring grades have been released by Duke and your submitted application has been verified by the application service, upload a PDF copy of your verified application(s). The HPA Office will then upload your committee letter to AADSAS and/or TMDSAS. The latest you can request the release of your committee letter is August 1, 2023.
    • For detailed directions please reference the email sent to you on May 8, 2023, from Ms. Morhac.  If you cannot find that email please email Ms. Morhac at brittany.morhac@duke.edu 
  • Individual letters of recommendation should be uploaded by your letter writers directly to AADSAS.

Complete secondary applications.

  • Interview (we will do a mock interview with you if you’d like; schedule when you have an interview date set).
  • Update your application if appropriate.
  • First acceptances are released in December; acceptances by schools not doing a rolling admission will be released in March and April. By April 1, you should be holding only one seat in a dental school. In April, AADSAS will release information to dental schools if you are holding more than one seat and an offer to you could be rescinded.