If you are a junior or senior who is requesting letters of recommendation, make sure that you have an LSAC.org account. Even if you are a senior who won’t be applying to law school next fall, you can do this as well! If you have an L number (L+8 digits) or have at least registered for an administration of the LSAT, then you have an LSAC account. If not, create an account at LSAC.org. Once you are logged in to your account, you will click on the “Credentials & CASSM” and then “Manage Letter of Recommendation.” Once you have added the e-mail address of your recommender, you can click “E-mail” and that will send them the Letter of Recommendation Form that will provide them with a link that will allow them to upload their letter to your file. You can take advantage of this service even if you have not yet purchased the Credential Assembly Service (CAS).