Picture of a person standing in a grassy field

How I’ve made the most of my Duke experience

I know myself - where I come from, what I value, and how I follow my dreams - and am open about how I grow and realize new things. I am curious about what surrounds me, and I engage in many facets of Duke. The people I have encountered in these spaces are what make my Duke experience. Being eager for conversation and learning, I have made some of my best friends in classes, organization, common rooms, and shared so many incredible moments. Flunching with professors and being active in classes have also expanded my worldview. Being involved in the Durham area through partnerships with organizations, volunteer work, and social events has also enhanced my Duke experience.

What I value

I value my spirituality, family relationships, and stories. I value education and the practice of observation - observation to understand humans as beings of interaction not only scientifically but also culturally, emotionally, and spiritually - and critical thinking about complex root issues. Working toward my goals aligns with serving others and making small positive changes in my world. I value independence and agency as well as disrupting systemic inequities and uplifting those in the margins of society. The values that are most dear to me are love, courage, humor, mindfulness, and hope.

Where I see myself after Duke

I am very passionate about women's rights and empowerment, and I want to work to equip women to live with health, agency, and well-being as a physician and a strong leader in the medical field. I see myself after Duke as someone who continues to be restless for adventure, eager for conversation, driven to learn, and committed to family. Along with being a physician, I see myself being a writer after Duke.

How I like to spend my free time

I love the outdoors - hiking, biking, running, swimming, reading in Duke gardens. I spend my free time playing piano and listening to Hamilton as well.

My favorite classes at Duke

  • GLHLTH 188FS - Global Health Communication
  • ENGLISH 186S - Living with Others
  • HOUSE COURSE - Intergenerational Ethics

Resources I love to use at Duke

  • Peer advisors
  • My wonderful college advisor
  • Professors
  • Upper class students
  • FIRs
  • The Writing Studio
  • Duke Reader Project

Co-curricular/engagement experiences

  • Baldwin Scholars
  • Honor Council
  • The Episcopal Center
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • IM Sports
  • Bass Connections