How I’ve made the most of my Duke experience

What I’ve learned about Duke so far is that it is very important to put yourself out there and take risks. Whether that be for programs, clubs, or leadership positions, you must believe that you can do it and take the risk because you never know what could happen. I believe this attitude correlates with classes as well. Take classes that sound interesting even if it has nothing to do with your major because you learn a lot of new concepts and ideas that make you a more well-rounded person  and build a lot of connections with faculty members and students.

What I value

Persistence, honesty, friendship, and opportunity.

Where I see myself after Duke

This is still highly subject to change but I hope to be pursue research in Neuroscience as well as opening my own practice in psychology.

How I like to spend my free time

When I’m not watching Netflix and eating popcorn, I like to discover new places around Duke especially study spaces and like to find new eateries in Durham. Other times, I find myself watching YouTube videos to teach myself how to draw.

My favorite classes at Duke

  • Cultural Anthropology 101 — Intro to CulAnth
  • Neuroscience 102 — Intro to Neuroscience
  • French 111 — Intensive Elementary French

Resources I love to use at Duke

  • Math help room. Math study groups for classes
  • Duke OIT DukeList — perfect for finding jobs and research opportunities both on and off campus
  • Writing Studio. They'll help with anything from coming up with an idea to the final draft. They even help with applications!
  • Faculty in Residence

Co-curricular/engagement experiences

  • University Scholar
  • Peer Advisor
  • Duke Student Broadcasting
  • Mirecourt
  • Duke in Australia