Picture of a person

How I’ve made the most of my Duke experience

During my first year, I made a conscious effort to be engaged with my community. I came in open to learning about new opportunities and connecting with different people and resources. This engagement from the very first day led to my involvement with Project Search, FOCUS, Story+, and Duke in Oxford. Through being engaged with my community, I have been able to surround myself with people (professors and peers) who have challenged me and contributed to my growth and success this year.

What I value

I value spirituality and the community, friends, and family that surround me.

Where I see myself after Duke

While I do not have an exact plan for life after Duke, I am considering going to law school.

How I like to spend my free time

I love to sing, write poetry, spend time with friends, and meditate.

My favorite classes at Duke

  • History 190: Religious Freedom in America
  • Pub Pol 190: Race and Public Policy
  • AAAS 332: Black Theater Workshop
  • Pub Pol 283: Ethics in an Unjust World

Resources I love to use at Duke

  • Writing Studio
  • Director of Academic Engagement
  • Global Education Office
  • Office hours
  • Career Center

Co-curricular/engagement experiences

  • Project Search
  • FOCUS: The American Experience
  • Polished Pebbles
  • BSA Class Representative
  • Nakisai ADE (secretary)
  • United in Praise
  • Story+: Left of Black Project
  • Duke in Oxford
  • House council (secretary)