How I’ve made the most of my Duke experience

I’ve made the most of my time here so far by keeping an open mind, pursuing meaningful experiences, and utilizing any and all resources that I find. Sign up for any clubs/organizations/list serves you have a remote interest in; it doesn’t matter if they’ll look good on your resume or if it’s something you’ve never done, you never know what activity you might end up falling in love with. Challenge yourself to pursue meaningful experiences in the fields you’re passionate about. It’s okay to join large organizations, but also look for opportunities to work in small teams, these can often help you be the most creative and engaged. Talk to your professors about their research, their life, and ask them for advice. Work with your DAEs and the ARC staff, they can help you plan out your time at Duke and reorganize each time you come in to see them.

What I value

Honesty - be honest to yourself, your friends, and your mentors about what you want and what is most important to you.

Resilience - school, extracurriculars, social life, homelife, and health are all difficult to balance and sometimes we get curveballs we can’t avoid. What matters more is picking yourself up and proving to yourself that you can and will continue to grow.

Empathy - change your perspective; don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and put yourself closer to people who are different from you, people who are struggling, or people who are in pain.

Where I see myself after Duke

I hope to pursue an MD/PhD after Duke and eventually work in cancer research and drug innovation.

How I like to spend my free time

Spending time with my friends, satisfying my Netflix addiction, reading, creative writing, learning about random skills or anything I’m interested in.

My favorite classes at Duke

  • GENOME 122FS: Genetics and Epigenetics (Genomics FOCUS cluster)
  • Chemistry 201: Organic Chemistry I
  • English 110: Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Sociology 110: Introduction to Sociology

Resources I love to use at Duke

  • Professor Office Hours
  • Directors of Academic Engagement (DAE)
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Upperclassmen
  • Listservs for pre-professional advising and major unions
  • DukeList
  • Duke Events Calendar

Co-curricular/engagement experiences

  • Research in the School of Medicine
  • Blue Devils vs Cancer
  • FOCUS program — Genomics Cluster
  • Greek Life
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • The Glioblastoma Foundation
  • Universities Allied for Essential Medicine
  • Duke Undergraduate Research Society
  • Biology Majors Union