Prelaw Advising

Duke's undergraduate Prelaw Advising is available to students and alumni from Trinity College and the Pratt School of Engineering who are interested in law school.

Admission to law school is determined mainly by undergraduate grade point average and the score on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). Extracurricular activities should be a part of an applicant's college experience, and recommendations may be required, but only in marginal cases do they influence admissions decisions.

There is no defined program of prelaw  courses and study at Duke, but there is a prelaw process. Being prelaw at Duke means discovering oneself, defining one's life goals, determining a preferred life style, and developing a strategy for realizing these aspirations. A prelaw student also learns that law school and the practice of law aren't much like their television or movie versions, and discovers that skills like research, negotiation, and mediation are usually more important than skill at oratory.

The Prelaw Advising Office sponsors programs and distributes information to all students considering careers in law. All prelaw students are invited and encouraged to join the undergraduate prelaw society, Bench and Bar, which offers a variety of programs and activities.