Summer Programs

Preparing for Business Through Summer Programs

Summer programs in business are offered by a few institutions. These programs are generally designed for the liberal arts undergraduate and consist of a group of courses that will provide a foundation for a business career or graduate business school. They vary in length for two-six weeks.

Summer Program Description
The BASE Summer Program
University of California, Berkeley
Haas School of Business
Berkeley, California
The BASE program is an intensive six-week program offering a solid background in the fundamentals of management. It is open to students in the arts, sciences, and engineering and recent graduates and generally begins in July. Participants enroll in three courses: Introduction to Financial Accounting, Marketing, and Introduction to Organizational Behavior. Extracurriculars consist of field trips, on-campus briefings, and career-focused workshops.

McIntire Business Institute
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia

The McIntire Business Institute offers a condensed version of the curriculum at the McIntire School of Commerce to participants with little or no business background. The program provides a fundamental understanding of business as well as the skills important in career exploration. Specific instruction is given in management, finance, accounting, and information technology through faculty members in the McIntire School of Commerce.

Stanford GBS Summer Institute for General Management
Stanford University
Stanford, California

The Stanford GSB Summer Institute is an intensive four-week business program for liberal arts and science undergraduates. Open to students who have completed at least three years of college, the program allows students to learn the fundamentals of business, get an overview of MBA students, participate in workshops for career building, and visit area businesses.

The Stern Advantage Program
New York University
New York, New York

The Stern Advantage Program is an intensive six-week program for undergraduates to introduce them to the fundamentals of business with attention to marketing, accounting, finance, and management. The program also offers workshops to enhance skills needed to be successful in the business world, visitations to New York businesses, and participation in projects leading to hands-on experience. The faculty of the Stern School of Business provides the instruction.
Tuck Business Bridge Program
Dartmouth College
Hanover, New Hampshire
The Bridge Program is a four-week, residential program with classes in accounting, finance, managerial economics, marketing and management communications, taught by faculty in the Tuck School of Business. Career advice is offered to program participants through planned events and services.
Accelerator – Vanderbilt Summer Business Institute
Vanderbilt University
Owen Graduate School of Management
Nashville, Tennessee
The immersive, real-world project experience that serves as the foundation of Accelerator sets it apart from other undergraduate business programs. During the four-week program, students are immersed in real-world projects that help real companies solve issues in marketing, logistics, finance, operations and branding.  Along with receiving 100 hours of instruction on business fundamentals from our MBA faculty, students develop skills—leadership, time management, working as part of a team, giving and accepting feedback—that employers value highly when it comes to internships and full-time jobs after college.
Summer Venture in Management Program
Harvard Business School
Boston, MA
The Summer Venture in Management Program exposes high-potential college students to the Harvard Business School MBA experience for one week during the summer between junior and senior year. Participants engage in HBS case method instruction.  This unique educational experience provides valuable insights into the challenges business leaders face, the range of opportunities that exist in management, and the impact participants can have on their community and the world through successful leadership.
Summer Business Institute
University of San Diego
San Diego, California
Type in 'Summer Business Institute' in the Search Entire Site. This three-week intensive program is designed for liberal arts student’s seeking business, leadership and career planning needed to succeed in the competitive job market. You will be exposed to several business subjects that are imperative to succeed in the today's marketplace.
Yale SOM Global Pre-MBA Leadership Program
Yale University
School of Management
New Haven, CT
Yale School of Management hosts a yearly innovative two-week pre-MBA program for a small and diverse group of college students, teaching them the fundamentals of management education and strengthening their leadership skills. A central mission of the program is to expose the students to global diversity. By meeting students from the United States typically under-represented in management education and students from around the world, all the participants will gain an understanding of the complexities within and between societies, a critical element of leadership in today¹s flatter, but nonconvergent, world.