Major & Preprofessional Advisors

Once you declare your major and/or decide on a career path that may involve graduate education, there are many advisors available to assist you.

Major Advisors

After submitting your Long Range Plan and declaring your major, you will be assigned an advisor in your major department. For more information on advising for a specific major, please contact the appropriate director of undergraduate studies (DUS). A department’s DUS can also answer your questions when choosing a major and help you discover and engage with mentored research opportunities in the department.

Preprofessional Advisors

Trinity College offers specialized advising for students considering graduate education. There are many paths to graduate and professional schools in law, health and business, and even where specific course requirements exist (as in the health professions), course sequences and combinations can and should be tailored for each student. Preprofessional advisors counsel students in these areas assisting them in applying to programs and providing information on career opportunities and the requirements for advanced study.

  • Prebusiness — for careers in business, finance, and entrepreneurship or innovation
  • Pregraduate — for advanced degrees in the arts or sciences
  • Prehealth — for careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and other health care fields
  • Prelaw — for students interested in a career in law

Additionally, there is a Graduate & Professional School Day (GPSD) every other year that provides opportunities for our recent graduates as well as our current undergraduates. Representatives from other schools attend this event to recruit our graduates. Furthermore, GPSD allows our undergraduates to talk informally with admissions folks at various institutions about the benefits of graduate and/or professional study and their specific school's programs of study.