Social Sciences

Social SciencesWhat does the Social Sciences DAE do?

Social science disciplines use a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods to study diverse patterns of human behavior, social structures, and cultural and social change.

Our SS DAE, Dr. Heather Settle, can help you explore majors, minors and certificates in the Social Sciences; find related extracurricular opportunities; and get to know faculty in these departments.

Degree granting departments and programs: African & African American Studies; Cultural Anthropology; Economics; Education; Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies; History; International Comparative Studies; Science+Studies; Linguistics; Philosophy; Political Science; Psychology & Neuroscience; Public Policy; Sociology.

Some of the programs she advises on include:
  • Duke Financial Economics Center
  • Public Policy Eads Research Assistantship
  • POLIS Congressional Intern Training Program
  • American Grand Strategy
  • Psychology Vertical Intergration Program (VIP)
  • Reporters' Lab
  • Data+, Story+ and Bass Connections
  • Social Science Research Lab
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Academy

And many more...

Heather Settle, Ph.D.
Heather Settle, Ph.D.
(919) 613-6689

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