Natural & Quantitative Sciences

Natural & Quantitative SciencesWhat does the Natural and Quantitative Sciences DAE do?

Natural Sciences are the branches (both life science and physical science) of study that explore natural phenomena using data and other evidence from observations and experiments to understand the world. Quantitative research using statistical, computational, or mathematical methods and important components of understanding the natural science field.

Our Natural and Quantitative Sciences DAE, Dr. Jessica Harrell, can help students with interests in the various QS disciplines to plan major, minors, and certificates and develop four-year plans of student. She can also help you explore research opportunities and can coach your through finding and approaching faculty to obtain a research position that fits your interests. Dr. Harrell has extensive experience helping students assemble competitive applications to PhD programs and has helped numerous students navigate pre-health requirements as well.

Departments: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Evolutionary Anthropology, Math, Physics, Psychology and Neuroscience, Statistical Science.

Research Programs and Opportunities:
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Jessica Harrell, Ph.D.

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