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Step 1

You will receive an email notification that your advisee is ready to declare.

When your students are ready to declare they will complete a four-year plan and fill out a Major Declaration form. Once the form is completed, you will be notified via email. When you receive this you should reach out to your advisee within one week to schedule a meeting to finalize their major declaration.

Student major dec form

Step 2

Meet with your advisee and together, review their Major Declaration form.

You can access their form via the View Task button in your notification email.

There are suggested prompts and reminders on the form for guiding your conversation in this meeting.

Mark Complete Button

Step 3

After your meeting, click "Mark Complete" on the Major Declaration form.

The AAC will review and process the form, and you and your advisee will receive notification once their major has been declared.

Thank you

Step 4

You're done! Remember that you can no longer lift the registration hold for your declared students. 

Christie will remind students of this when she emails them after their major has been declared, but it can be helpful for advisors to remind students that moving forward, their department is responsible for making them eligible to enroll.