To help you maximize your success at Duke, the Academic Advising Center has resources available to guide and inform you — from your acceptance at Duke through your graduation.

At each step of your college career, you have an advising network of professionals ready to help you on your academic path. We can also connect you with opportunities for academic exploration within and beyond the traditional classroom setting.

college path timeline over background image of campus buildings

Coming to Duke


Congratulations on starting your Duke career! Your first year at Duke should be a time of exploration and discovery, not a time to rush through as many requirements as possible. We have resources for incoming and first-year students, along with those of you who transferred to Duke from another school.

Preparing for Your Major


As a sophomore, you will deepen your connections to faculty and hone in on questions and problems you want to explore further. You will continue this process of discovery during your second year that leads to selecting a major and joining that department or program.

Studying In Your Chosen Field


Joining a major is one of the biggest milestones in your college career. As a declared major, you can continue to utilize and benefit from the Academic Advising Center's services and resources. Our office can connect you with resources if your academic plans extend beyond undergraduate study, including graduate school, law school, business school or medical school.

Completing Your Undergraduate Study


As a junior or senior, your official advising is handled through your major. However, that doesn’t mean the Academic Advising Center isn’t here to assist. We are available to help you explore opportunities, especially within our three focus areas: Directors of Academic Engagement in Arts & Humanities, Global & Civic Opportunities, and Social Sciences.