Foreign Language

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Does Duke have a foreign language requirement?

Yes. You will need to take one, two or three courses in a language other than English, depending on your placement. The Trinity College website explains the requirement and outlines the languages taught at Duke.

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Can I use my AP (IPC, PMC) credits to satisfy the FL requirement?

No, but you can use them as a guide to place into an appropriate level of foreign language.

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How do I know if a course counts toward the foreign language requirement?

You will see an FL as a curriculum code on the Class Detail page on DukeHub.

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How do I figure out my placement in a foreign language?

Go to the Trinity languages page, and click on the department of the foreign language in which you are interested, and then look for their placement guidelines. You can also Google, Duke (name of foreign language) placement. Do your best to choose a course based on the departmental placement recommendations, and then talk with the instructor the first day to make sure the course is a good fit for you.

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Would a 300-level seminar in a foreign language course satisfy both my FL requirement and a seminar in my first year?

Yes, if the course is listed as a seminar in the course description and has an FL code, it will satisfy both.

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