First-Year Requirements

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I did an International Baccalaureate program, so I might have international placement credits. How do I get credit for them?

Check the table of equivalents (also available in the Blue Book) to determine whether your scores make you eligible for credit. Have the scores sent directly to the Duke Registrar’s Office this summer, or if you have the certificates yourself, bring them with you in August and take them to the Registrar’s office for evaluation. The Registrar’s office is in the Bevan (Coca-Cola) Building.

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What are the first-year requirements?

All Trinity students must take a WRITING 101 class and a seminar. The seminar could be an 89S seminar for first-year students only, or any course with an "S" designation after the number.

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What if I want to transfer from Pratt to Trinity, or Trinity to Pratt, before classes start?

Incoming students who haven’t yet started classes can contact Admissions and request a change in their school of admittance from Trinity to Pratt, or vice versa. At some point each summer no more changes can be granted but you'll be able to make the switch after your first semester.

If you can't change schools before you register for fall classes, and you’re hoping to transfer from Trinity to Pratt, we recommend following a Pratt schedule for your first semester. You may not be able to register for EGR 101 or 103 in the fall, but you can plan to take one spring semester if you can’t take one in the fall You can email Pratt Advising to ask if there will be seats available to Trinity students in the fall. If you'd like to transfer from Pratt to Trinity, you can follow the advice in the "Learning at Duke" section of the Trinity Blue Book for ideas about choosing fall semester courses. You can apply to change schools after completing your first semester.

If you are interested in switching schools after you begin classes, you can review the process here

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How do I know if I have to enroll in WRITING 101 this fall?

Check the Message Center tab on your DukeHub dashboard. If you are assigned to take WRITING 101 in the fall, you will see a message that says, "You have been selected to enroll in WRITING 101." If you don’t see this message, you will take it in spring.

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I'm trying to register and DukeHub won’t allow me to enroll in WRITING 101.

Check your Message Center tab in DukeHub to confirm that you’re required to enroll for fall. If there’s no message, you’re not required to take WRITING 101 in the fall. If you'd like, you can enroll even if you're not assigned to take it in fall, if there are open seats, starting July 15 when drop/add opens.

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I am selected to register for WRITING 101 for fall semester, but is it acceptable if I do not enroll in WRITING 101 this fall?

No, you are expected enroll in WRITING 101 this fall.

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Where can I find descriptions of WRITING 101 courses?

A full list of WRITING 101 courses offered this fall can be found here.

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I am enrolling in a WRITING 101 section. Can I also enroll in a seminar?

Yes, but only if you are genuinely interested in the seminar topic, not because you want to complete requirements as fast as possible. Some students will find that combining WRITING 101 and a first- year seminar, especially a seminar that carries the W code, can be writing-intensive.

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What do I do if all the first-year seminars (89S series) are full?

Try using the Advanced Class Search tool in DukeHub to look for open seminars. Anything numbered 80S-200S should be fine. See the Registration section in the Blue Book for help with Advanced Search. You can learn more about the class search icons here.

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