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Where do I find curriculum codes like ALP and CCI for courses?

They are listed on the course detail page on DukeHub. Learn more about what the codes mean on the Trinity website.

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Is there a website with information about all the majors, minors and certificates at Duke?

Yes, we have information on majors & majors, as well as certificate programs. You can also learn more about all the majors and certificates, including information on advising, research, and contact information on our Exploring Majors and Certificates page.

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Is Duke on the semester-hour system?

Duke is on a semester term system, and uses a credit system. Most courses are 1.0 credit, and the normal course load is four courses (credits) each semester. A 1.0-credit course at Duke is similar to a three- or four-hour course at another university.

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The courses I wanted to take are full. Can you help me?

Don't worry. There are still many great courses to choose from. Use the Advanced Search tool to look for classes in areas of interest. Call the Academic Advising Center at (919) 684-6217 to speak with an advisor on call. S/he can often make great suggestions based on your interests as expressed in your first-year questions.

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